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Group Insurance


Group Insurance

Group Insurance Programs aim to reduce your employees’ sense of insecurity created by the lack of social protection concerning both the matters of health and pension, while at the same time creating a distinct work environment, which significantly contributes to increasing the productivity of employees and their commitment to their primary mission of creating value for your customers.

Group insurance plans are aimed at all employers, whether it is a small family business or a large multinational company.

With extensive experience in the field of group hospital care insurance, we design programs for you tailored to your needs. Therefore no group insurance plan is the same as another.

Group life, health, and retirement insurance plans are the best proof of a company’s honest interest in its employees.


Group Insurance for the Employer

  • Improves Management-Employee relations.
  • Attracts and retains valuable personnel in the business.
  • Achieves promotion of employee loyalty, more effective motivation, and creation of corporate culture.
  • Contributes to the faster response to accidents or illnesses, as healthy employees are the most valuable asset of a company.
  • Covers cases where the family of a deceased worker needs to be helped or an employee needs help due to incapacity for work by continuing to pay his salary when social security is insufficient.
  • It is flexible and adapts to the needs and capabilities of the business at a low cost.
  • The employer’s insurance premiums are deducted from the taxable amount with a maximum limit of €1,500.00 per employee for life & health policies, while for retirement policies the employer’s and employees’ insurance premiums are deducted from the taxable amount 100%.
  • Provides the possibility of covering family members of employees at a particularly low cost.
  • Offers wider coverage – benefits to certain categories of employees, such as executives and managers.
  • Gives a sense of social responsibility and significantly strengthens the company’s image.

Cooperation with our Company

  • Experience in finding, analyzing, and studying the insurance and pension needs of your company’s employees, in collaboration with the most experienced and competitive insurance companies on the market.
  • Possibility of comparative studies of alternative proposals based on criteria such as:
    • the cost of the contract
    • the range of coverages
    • the return of insurance premiums due to a good result
    • the insurance terms
    • speed and flexibility in compensation
    • the experience of the insurance company in the management of group policies
    • the size & solvency of the insurance company
  • Provision of an electronic brochure for the detailed presentation of the benefits and coverage of the group insurance for each insured.
  • Staff training seminars.
  • Human resources department update and continuous provision during the management of the contract.
  • Monitoring possible changes in the needs of employees, and promoting new proposals according to social and economic developments.
  • Immediate and effective intervention in all workers’ compensation cases of your company.
  • Unique specialization in the insurance of the staff of small, medium, and large companies, using our know-how and many years of experience in the specific insurance plan. The flawless and fast service delivered to our current customers is a guarantee for all future collaborations.

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