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Health is the greatest gift. As it affects every aspect of life, health protection is driving more and more people to seek high-quality medical, pharmaceutical, and nursing care. Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be on the to-do list. Living well extends beyond the absence of disease. A truly healthy lifestyle requires social, mental, physical, and financial health. Health insurance covers the hospital and outpatient care you need for you and your family, covering not only medical visits and routine tests but also the costs incurred in the event of a serious illness or long-term stay in a nursing facility.

Health insurance includes:

  • Lifetime coverage
  • Coverage for all family members
  • Annual preventive health check (check-up)
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hospitalization in nursing institutions in Greece and/or Abroad
  • Unlimited coverage of hospitalization expenses
  • Expense coverage up to 100%
  • Particularly low insurance premiums when expenses are covered in conjunction with a social security fund

Did you know that…

according to the World Health Organization (WHO), lifestyle-related diseases – heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, certain cancers, and other diseases – are responsible for over 70% of deaths worldwide?

What does this service include?


Case analysis

We analyze your needs in-depth and compare the benefits of each insurance plan to optimally cover your health with the lowest price guarantee.


High-end collaborations

We work with the largest and most reliable insurance companies in Greece with an emphasis on the correct treatment and service of primary and secondary care and medical care in general.


Ongoing support

We aim for the best service, providing ongoing guidance and support in submitting any type of claim, such as compensation claims.

Take care of your health

Discover top health insurance plans based on your needs.

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