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Professional Indemnity


Professional Indemnity

Whether you are self-employed or your business is a service provider, your business has insurable liabilities to your clients in the event of your negligence. In many cases, the law may require an insurance plan. Professional indemnity insurance policies can protect a professional or a business from third-party claims, as well as legal defense costs.

Indicative of some professional sectors that can seek professional liability coverage are:

  • Architects – Engineers – Surveyors – Contractors – Naval Architects
  • Lawyers – Notaries
  • Accounting offices – Actuaries
  • Technology Companies (IT, Technology)
  • Consulting companies
  • Travel Agents – Tour Operator
  • Financial Services (Investment Funds, Banking Institutions, Stock Exchanges)
  • Marketing Companies / Digital Agencies / Advertising Companies
  • Doctors and Pharmacists
  • 3PL Companies / Warehousing Services

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