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Savings / Pension

Considering the current inability of social funds to meet the demands of modern life, a pension or retirement savings plan is a long-term investment that can ensure a better future. Life expectancy is now higher than ever and therefore retirement years are getting longer and longer. We’re here to help you find a practical way to achieve the best possible investment and turn your savings into stress-free retirement income.

What does this service include?


Unit Linked Retirement Plans

The new generation Unit Linked programs are insurance policies that invest in mutual funds and provide, in addition to investment options, insurance protection.



As a set of innovative products that ideally combine investment and insurance, Unit Linked plans provide complete transparency on how your money is invested while adapting to your ever-changing needs.



With the possibility of configuring your investment choice and enriching your policy at any time, the specific programs offer a continuous possibility of protecting your investment and maximizing returns at the end of the insurance (lump sum or in the form of a pension).



We exempt you from paying insurance premiums and guarantee the full validity and smooth continuation of your insurance plan, in case of incapacity for any reason.

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