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Transport / Marine


Transport / Marine

Goods transport insurance covers whatever you are transporting against any risk. You need transport insurance for your products if you are an import or export business, if you offer forwarder, carrier, or courier services, deliver goods purchased by customers through your online store, or even if you transport or import new production equipment or raw materials between your commercial or corporate premises. In addition, given the risks during international transport, we provide insurance to cover your cargo worldwide against any risk, even if the consignee is unwilling to receive your cargo. We have the expertise to combine risks and insurance policies for your maximum protection.

Transit or transportation companies combine the above needs with the legislative framework that protects their responsibilities. We help you cover the civil liability of the (trans)carrier according to the Greek Commercial Law, the Hague-Visby international convention such as the international transport treaty CMR, rail cargo CIM, sea cargo Sea Way Bills, etc.

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