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Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance

Lost your luggage? Was your flight delayed or canceled? Missed your connecting flight? Were you forced to cancel your trip due to Covid-19? Need emergency help in a foreign country? If you travel often and want to feel safe during your travels, we create an insurance plan that suits your needs and protects you from all kinds of unexpected situations.

What does this service include?


Coverage of health expenses

We cover health expenses inside and outside the clinic, during a leisure or business trip, and anywhere in the world, with a charge according to its duration.


Annual contract option

We offer the possibility of an annual contract with a fixed annual fee for unlimited travel (the option is available to both individuals and companies for their employees).

Trip cancellation coverage

We cover the possibility of canceling a trip for any possible reason (illness, accident, hospitalization, or even hospitalization of a relative’s A degree).


Luggage loss

We offer travel protection coverage for travel-related assets.


Civil Liability of third parties during the trip

We offer special third-party liability coverage plans during travel.


Expenses of missed flights

We cover flight delay-arrival costs during your travels.


Emergency airlift in case of health problem

Useful service if your trip is to a country where health services are not sufficiently developed or is in an area that is difficult to access and far from modern healthcare facilities.

Travel with safety

Discover top insurance plans based on your own needs.

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